Enugu Lawyer, Eli Ugwu, Shot Dead In Kogi After Delivering Ransom To Kidnappers

The tragic news of the shooting death of Barrister Eli Ugwu, a senior lawyer in Enugu State, has sent shockwaves through the entire community of Nsukka, plunging its residents into profound grief.

Reports indicate that the esteemed legal practitioner was fatally shot in Kogi State shortly after fulfilling the demands of kidnappers who had abducted his cousin. This harrowing incident has sparked widespread sorrow and disbelief among those who knew him.

However, amidst the sorrow, there are conflicting accounts surrounding the circumstances of his untimely demise. Initial reports suggested that he was shot by the kidnappers after complying with their ransom demands, adding layers of complexity to the tragic event.

A Facebook User, Senator Chijinkem Ugwuanyi wrote on his timeline: “A part of us is Gone! He was shot dead in Kogi state while trying to pay ransom for his kidnapped cousin.

“The story is not clear since yesterday but this is the much we know at the moment.”

However, emerging reports now say Ugwu was shot dead by policemen as he was coming out of the bush, alongside his cousin upon his release by the kidnappers.

A senior lawyer, disclosed on Tuesday that Ugwu was shot dead by policemen after delivering ransom.

“He has already successfully delivered ransom and was coming out with the victim when policemen shot them.

“Eli was shot dead but his cousin (the kidnap victim), is responding to treatment. It’s a huge blow,” he said fearfully.

Eli, until his death, was a strong member of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Nsukka branch.

The Kogi State Police command is yet to issue any statement on the incident.