Electricity: National Grid Restored — Minister of Power

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The Minister of Power Abubakar Aliyu has announced the restoration of the national grid, which broke down twice in the last 48 hours leading to a nationwide blackout.

The Minister, in a statement, explained: “The current challenges of electricity supply in Nigeria are being resolved with the ongoing restoration of normal operations. Early in the week, the national grid suffered a decrease in electricity due to so many factors. However, more of the power is being restored.

The current energy crisis confronting some key sectors of the economy also contributed to the problems we are facing now in the power sector. We are where we are today also because of the increasing vandalization of pipelines that also supply gas to the power plants.

This too is being resolved in collaboration with the relevant agencies. NNPC and other gas suppliers are working relentlessly to restore gas supply for optimum power supply.

Government is doing everything — working with the relevant security agencies — to stop vandalization of pipelines. Routine maintenance of power generating plants had also contributed to the current power outages we are experiencing.

“These challenges do not in any way indicate that the ongoing rehabilitation of the national grid by the government is not yielding results.

“Despite all the challenges, we are recording successes and the grid is being restored back to full operation. Government solicits the support of all Nigerians at this time, while efforts will continue to increase and stabilize electricity supply across Nigeria.”