Election: Peter Obi Condemns Arrest Of Chude

Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi has changed has condemned the arrest of Nnamdi Chude.

Nnamdi Chude who is a staunch supporter of Peter Obi was reportedly arrested by the interpol during the gubernatorial and house of assembly election in Anambra on Saturday 18th March.

Condemning the arrest, Peter Obi wrote on his Twitter handle;

“After due enquiries, I regret to say that the arrest of Mr Nnamdi @chude__ is a further confirmation of Nigeria’s poor and declining performance in the Rule of Law, Voice and Accountability, and other governance indicators.

“With Voice, and Accountability, the No 1 key indicator of good governance, it is very important, particularly for those in authority to note and accept that freedom of expression is a fundamental right and ingredient for the development of a good society.

“While I appreciate that the freedoms must be exercised in line with the rule of law, arresting Nigerians for tweeting on their leaders and those in authority decimates the opportunity for inclusive governance and accountability which are highly needed in a developing country like Nigeria. As we are all Nigerians and Nigeria is our only country, we must continue to make efforts to build a better Nation where justice, fairness, equity, tolerance, prosperity, accountable leadership and rule of law shall reign with no Nigerian feeling suppressed or oppressed. As leaders, it is important for us to know that there are several consequences of occupying public office. For instance, citizens will have their different thoughts on us and we have the right to reply. Arbitrary use of our office or in unrestrained way will do no one any good, including those in authority.

“I therefore appeal to all concerned to please treat the issue most objectively on rule of law, and compassionately release the young man in question.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. – PO”