Ekweremadu’s Jail Sentence In UK Bad For Nigeria’s Image – Adamu Garba

Former Nigerian Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu’s prison sentence has been characterized by Adamu Garba as a stain on Nigeria’s reputation and sovereignty.

On Friday, Ekweremadu, his wife Beatrice, and his Doctor Obinna Obeta received varying prison sentences for organ harvesting.

Garba maintained that it is not desirable for a former vice president of the senate to spend a prison sentence abroad.

In order to express his discontent with the situation, he encouraged the Federal Government to call the UK ambassador to Nigeria.

“I really don’t like this. I see it as a dent upon the image of our country and its sovereignty.

“A whole former deputy Senate president to serve a jail term in a foreign land? What kind of country are we?

“If Nigeria is serious on this issue, we should immediately summon a UK ambassador to Nigeria, express our displeasure with the situation, minding not the attitude of Senator Ekweremadu but the institution he represents, then, perhaps afterwards, negotiate within our diplomatic basket for what we can give them in order to get him back to Nigeria.”

Garba said exploring diplomatic means could bring Senator Ekweremadu and his wife to serve their jail terms in Nigeria.