Edo Election: I Joined Labour Party To Build Not To Destroy – Olumide Akpata

Mr. Olumide Akpata, a Labour Party governorship aspirant in the upcoming Edo governorship election, clarified his commitment to the party’s growth, not its detriment. Speaking in Benin, he refuted allegations suggesting his involvement in sponsoring a protest at the Labour Party secretariat on Sunday, Feb. 4.

Akpata, a former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), emphasized his dedication to nurturing the party’s progress across Edo, emphasizing that he has invested significant time and resources towards its development. He expressed his disapproval of any actions that could harm the party’s integrity, stating that he neither had knowledge of nor endorsed the protest in question.

Denouncing the rumors and insinuations circulating about his alleged involvement, Akpata asserted that such baseless claims were entirely false and mischievous.

“It has come to my attention that there was a protest on Sunday, Feb. 4, at the Labour Party State Secretariat in Benin, which allegedly turned violent.”

“The baseless rumours and insinuations that have been mischievously circulated that the protesters were carrying out my bidding are totally false, unfounded and quite frankly ridiculous.”

“I am a loyal and dedicated member of the labour party, who has invested significant time, energy, and resources towards building and strengthening the party across the state since I joined.

“It is, therefore, both laughable and utterly despicable that I would be linked to any kind of violent protest at the party secretariat,” Akpata said.

He said that the allegations and rumours emanated from certain quarters within the party that were opposed to his emergeance as the Labour Party gubernatorial flag bearer.

“In their desperation, they have resorted to underhanded tactics and smear campaigns to undermine my widespread credibility, acceptability, and support base within and outside the party.

“Amusingly, this is quite similar to an earlier campaign of calumny that sought to link me to acts of violence meted out against a former National Youth Leader of the party in Benin

“This is yet another ludicrous attempt to unjustly give a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

“These puerile allegations are the products of malicious minds that are aimed at tarnishing my hard-earned reputation and image.

“I once again reject all insinuations and rumours linking me or my supporters to this purported protest,” he said.

Akpata added that his campaign organisation, supporters and well-wishers did not also engage in, encourage, or sanction any kind of violence or unwholesome conduct.

“I remain focused and steadfast in pursuit of my gubernatorial aspirations in a lawful and peaceful manner, upholding the principles of tolerance and justice.” he said.