Don’t Harbor Negative Thoughts About Your Country, Tinubu Urges Nigerians

President Tinubu encouraged Nigerians to maintain a positive outlook on the country, underlining that optimism leads to success. The President said this in his speech during the launch of the 3,112 housing units in FCT, Abuja.

He said: “Don’t think of your country negatively, before I left home this morning, I asked for the pledge, a page out of it and we have to relaunch it, relaunch it to be committed to the greatness, the hope of our country, it is our country!”

The president added: “You pledge to Nigeria your country, my country to be faithful, loyal, and honest, to serve Nigeria with all your strength, you saw it on the field of play yesterday, you are all rejoicing.” He said using the example of the Super Eagles: “Every one of us loves victory, we love to win when you are positive and hopeful Nigeria is winning.”