“Do Not Joke with Technology” – Falana Tells Lawyers As Catholic Lawyers Organise IT Training

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The National Association of Catholic Lawyers, Lagos Archdiocese on Monday, May 1, 2023 organised hands-on training on Office 365 for Lawyers and Business Executives.

The training which held at Mulliner Towers, Ikoyi, Lagos was facilitated by ATB Techsoft Solutions, a Microsoft Partner and was geared towards improving work productivity and better collaboration at the workplace.

Participants were trained on the main components of Microsoft Teams, individual components of a team including Teams, Channels and Tabs; Chat within Teams; scheduling meetings from Outlook and within Teams; working with files and co-authoring files within the Teams environment; introducing other document libraries from SharePoint to Channels and Tabs. The training also provided deeper insights into Microsoft Tools such as Microsoft Kaizala, Outlook, One Drive, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, et cetera. There were also practical sessions during the training.

Also, Participants were trained on the use of Chat GPT, an Artificial Intelligence software used for quick and urgent research.

At the high point of the training, Legal Icon and Human Rights Activist, Mr Femi Falana, SAN who took part in the first part of the training, encouraged the participants not to joke with the lessons learnt at the training. Falana told the trainees and organisers how the Nigerian courts are still backward in using e-filing, which he termed “e-delay”. He stressed the need for the Nigerian judicial system to wake up and catch up with the rest of the world as regards Information Technology developments, particularly in our court systems.

The event was a remarkable success with about 100 lawyers and Business Executives in attendance.

Pictures Below;

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DSC 4900 DSC 4826 DSC 4911 DSC 4821 DSC 4920 DSC 4830 DSC 4896 DSC 4827 DSC 4931 1 DSC 4839 DSC 4924 DSC 4836 DSC 4934 1 DSC 4844 DSC 4878 DSC 4852 DSC 4898 DSC 4822 DSC 4883 DSC 4793

DSC 4790 DSC 4744 DSC 4795 DSC 4818 DSC 4798

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