Delta State Assembly Reverses Sack of Accountant After 24 years

The Delta State House of Assembly has reversed the decision made by the Post Primary Education Board to terminate Emmanuel Emenetie’s employment, a decision that had stood for 24 years. Emenetie had lodged a petition with the Assembly on February 17, 2000, contesting his dismissal by the Post Primary Education Board.

In his plea to the Assembly, Emenetie requested reinstatement as Permanent Secretary, along with the corresponding financial benefits retroactive to the date of his termination, enabling him to rejoin his colleagues in service. During their session chaired by Speaker Hon. Emomotimi Guwor, the Members of the Assembly unanimously concluded on Tuesday that Emenetie’s dismissal was unjust and warranted reversal.

This decision signifies the Assembly’s commitment to rectifying perceived injustices and upholding fairness in employment matters within the state. By overturning the long-standing dismissal, the Assembly affirms its role in ensuring accountability and safeguarding the rights of individuals in the public service.

While recommending that Emenetie be paid all his salaries/emoluments, they said “he should be paid other benefits he is entitled to from the date of the unlawful termination of his employment through the rank to the position of Director which is supposed to be at least his present rank and through to the date of his supposed retirement.

“That Mr Emmanuel Emenetie be made to retire at the grade level of a Director. That the Chairman of the Post Primary Education Board and Head of Service of Delta State be directed that the recommendations/directives of the house as contained in paragraphs 1-3 above are complied with forthwith.”

The Deputy Speaker was tasked with following up to ensure compliance, while the Speaker, who applauded the Public Petitions Committee’s findings, instructed the Clerk of the House to notify the relevant authorities of the House’s decision.