Delta: Senate Demands Justice for Slain Soldiers

The Senate’s condolences to the military and its call for justice for the slain soldiers reflect the gravity of the recent tragedy in the Okuoma community of Delta State. As the nation mourns the loss of the commanding officer of the 181 Battalion, two Army Majors, and 13 soldiers, it is imperative to prioritize accountability and ensure that those responsible for these senseless acts of violence are brought to justice.

The ambush and killing of 16 officers and men of the 181 Amphibious Battalion highlight the dangers faced by military personnel while serving on peace missions in conflict-affected areas. Such incidents underscore the need for comprehensive security measures and robust support for troops deployed to maintain peace and security in volatile regions across the country.

Abdulaziz Yar’Adua, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Nigerian Army, expressed his heartfelt condolences to the service chiefs and the families of the fallen soldiers. His statement underscores the solidarity of the Senate with the military and its commitment to supporting efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of Nigerian soldiers serving in challenging environments.

In the wake of this tragedy, it is crucial for the government to intensify efforts to address the root causes of conflict and insecurity in the Okuoma community and other troubled areas. By addressing grievances, promoting dialogue, and strengthening security measures, the government can work towards preventing similar incidents in the future and fostering lasting peace and stability in the region.

As the nation mourns the loss of these brave soldiers, it is incumbent upon all stakeholders, including government authorities, security forces, and community leaders, to redouble their efforts to address the underlying factors fueling violence and insecurity and to work together to build a safer and more prosperous future for all Nigerians.

He said: “On behalf of the 10th Senate Committee on Nigerian Army, I wish to extend our deepest condolences to the Chief of Defence Staff, the Chief of Army Staff, the Nigerian Army and officers and men of Operation Delta Safe on the tragic loss of our gallant personnel who were mercilessly killed by some youths during a peace mission to Okuoma Community in Bomadi Local Government Area of Delta State on Thursday 14th March 2024.”

“The sacrifices made by the Commanding Officer, three officers, and 12 soldiers during this distressing incident shall forever be remembered. Their bravery and commitment exemplify the highest virtue of patriotism, courage, and sacrifice, and their legacy will forever inspire us all.”

Yar’Adua also pledged the unwavering support of the Senate to the investigations of the incident that led to the gruesome killing of the soldiers.

“I wish to commend the swift response of the Chief of Defence Staff in directing an immediate investigation to apprehend those responsible for this heinous crime. It is crucial that justice is served and those behind this criminal act are brought to account for their actions.”

“The Nigerian Army’s unwavering focus on upholding peace and security in our nation is a testament to the resilience and dedication of our Armed Forces.”

“The Senate Committee on the Nigerian Army stands resolutely alongside the Defence Headquarters and the Nigerian Army in seeking justice for the fallen heroes. We shall spare no effort in supporting the necessary investigations and legal processes to ensure that those responsible for this crime face the full consequences of their actions.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with you, the families of the fallen heroes, and the entire Armed Forces as we honour the sacrifice and service of our brave personnel”, Yar’Adua said: