Chef Dammy’s Pastor Threatens her with N20m Defamation Suit

Chef Dammy, whose real name is Damilola Adeparusi, might face a N20 million defamation lawsuit filed by her pastor, Prophet Adegoke Jeremiah, widely known as Billion Dollars Prophet. The lawsuit stems from alleged statements made by Chef Dammy on social media.

In the lawsuit, Prophet Adegoke Jeremiah is requesting two specific actions. First, he demands that Chef Dammy publicly retract the defamatory statements she made on social media. Second, he is seeking a monetary settlement of N20 million as compensation for the alleged defamation.

This legal dispute follows a recent incident where Chef Dammy publicly expressed concerns about her pastor, suggesting that he should be held accountable if anything negative were to happen to her. The exact nature of the alleged defamatory statements made by Chef Dammy on social media was not detailed in the provided information.

This lawsuit highlights a developing legal battle between Chef Dammy and her pastor, adding a layer of complexity to the situation and raising questions about freedom of expression, defamation, and social media’s role in disseminating potentially damaging statements.

Taking to her Instagram page, Chef Dammy said she had been living in constant fear and had recently faced a near-death experience.

However, she did not give details or her ordeals or the involvement of Pastor Jeremiah in it.

Instead, the Ekiti based chef had promised to grant an interview in Lagos this week, during which she will speak about her ordeal.