Chaos Erupts at NBA Abuja Branch Meeting as Lawyers Reject Attempt to Adopt Afam Osigwe, SAN, as Branch Candidate, Recognise Tobenna Erojikwe’s Strong Position and Candidature

The July Monthly Branch Meeting of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Abuja Branch descended into chaos as lawyers vehemently rejected attempts to adopt a specific candidate for the upcoming national elections. The meeting, which was intended to be a routine gathering, instead became a battleground of conflicting opinions and heated debates.

As the branch chairman attempted to propose the adoption of Afam Osigwe, SAN, for the presidential role, he was met with an unprecedented wave of opposition. The normally orderly assembly quickly devolved into a scene of uproar, with raised voices and passionate arguments echoing through the chamber.

“We are not adopting Afam Osigwe or any other candidate,” declared a member of the opposing group, struggling to be heard above the din. “However, we do recognise Tobenna Erojikwe’s leading candidature based on the substantial support he has garnered among our members.”

The chaos that ensued highlighted the deep divisions within the branch regarding the election process. Lawyers present at the meeting formed impromptu factions, with some supporting the chairman’s move and others fiercely defending the principle of an open, democratic selection process.

“This attempt to force an adoption without proper consultation is unacceptable,” one agitated member shouted from the back of the room. “We demand a fair opportunity for all candidates to present their case to the electorate.”

As tempers flared, several members began recording the proceedings on their phones, determined to document what they saw as a pivotal moment in the branch’s history. “We have video evidence of this chaos,” a young lawyer asserted, brandishing his smartphone. “The truth of what transpired here today will not be misconstrued or buried.”

Despite the tumultuous nature of the meeting, a clear message emerged from the majority of attendees: they acknowledged Erojikwe’s strong position in the race, so they were unwilling to support any official endorsement or adoption that might undermine the democratic process.

As the meeting finally adjourned, well past its scheduled end time, the air remained thick with tension. The events of the day left no doubt that the upcoming NBA elections would be hotly contested, with the Abuja branch playing a crucial role in shaping the narrative and outcome.

The branch leadership now faces the challenging task of reuniting its members and ensuring that future meetings can proceed in a more orderly fashion. Meanwhile, candidates like Erojikwe and Osigwe must navigate this complex landscape of branch politics as they continue their campaigns for national office.