Certificate Forgery: BBC Releases Statement On Tinubu’s Academic Result Following Backlash

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has released a press statement stating that it is standing by its story published last week that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Chicago State University (CSU) certificate is not forged.

In response to grievances submitted by specific individuals, the global media outlet insisted on the narrative’s content.

The news outlet disclosed that some people are not happy with “our findings on this matter,” according to a letter signed by the BBC Complaints Team and sent to its audience members over the weekend.

The BBC letter reads: “Dear Audience Member. Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We received a number of similar complaints and we regret that you are unhappy with our findings on this matter.

“We have looked into this and the BBC has not seen any evidence that the certificate was forged.

“We contacted the Chicago State University and they confirmed that Bola Tinubu graduated from the university in 1979 with a Bachelor’s degree.

“We believe our text piece has been informative and responsible, reporting known facts. We therefore stand by our journalism.”