Be Technology Inclined, Panelists Urge Female Lawyers

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At the NBAWF 4th Annual General Conference, the spotlight was firmly fixed on the intersection of technology and the legal profession, particularly for female lawyers. Panelists urged attendees to embrace technology as an integral part of their legal practice, emphasizing its role in streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and expanding opportunities. This push underscores the recognition that technology is not just a supplementary tool but an essential component for success in today’s legal landscape.

The call for female lawyers to be technology-inclined is timely, considering the rapid advancements shaping the industry. As legal technology continues to evolve, those who adeptly leverage these innovations stand to gain a competitive edge. By mastering emerging technologies, female lawyers can position themselves as leaders in their field, demonstrating their adaptability and forward-thinking approach to legal practice.

Moreover, embracing technology is not merely about staying relevant, it’s also about empowering female lawyers to overcome barriers and biases prevalent in the profession. Technology has the potential to level the playing field, providing access to resources, networks, and opportunities that may have been traditionally limited. By harnessing the power of technology, female lawyers can assert their presence and influence in the legal sphere with greater confidence and efficacy.

Damilola Ibikunle (Head, Digital Transformation Unit, Law Pavillion) enlightened delegates at the conference on how Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatgpt and others work. She stressed more on the need for female lawyers to make use of these new innovations for their legal documents which will greatly enhance their work.

Ifeoma Ben (Founding Partner, The Law Suite), delved extensively on the usefulness of the technology innovations and emphasized the benefits of using collaborative tools and saving documents in the cloud. She urged female lawyers to acquire knowledge on how to leverage technology tools to build a 21st Century law practice.

Mr Rotimi Ogunyemi (Partner, Johnson & Wilner/BOC Legal) stressed the need for female lawyers to be technologically oriented and explore the use of Artificial Intelligence effectively to save time in the preparation and review of legal documents.

Olubukola Ogunsakin (Principal, BBO Solicitors) also encouraged female lawyers to make use of technology so as to make their work easier for them and to improve their works. She noted that they should feel free to walk up to other colleagues who have more knowledge on the use of all these new technology innovations.

Tosin Akingbade (Chief Operating Officer/Chief Innovation Officer Olaniwun Ajayi LP) emphasized on being technology-inclined which reflects a broader commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the legal profession. She encouraged female lawyers to embrace technology, stressing that the NBAWF General Conference is promoting a culture of innovation and empowerment, where individuals of all backgrounds can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the legal community’s evolution.

The Panel was moderated by Irene Pepple, Head of Practice, Peacemakers Legal Consultancy.

The Nigerian Bar Association Women Forum (NBAWF) Annual General Conference was held on Friday, 22nd March, 2023 at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos with the theme: Beyond the Balance sheet; Redefining Success for Women in Law”.