Bauchi CJ Releases 31 Awaiting Trial Inmates

Bauchi State Chief Judge, Justice Rabi Talatu Umar, has taken significant steps towards justice reform by releasing 31 awaiting trial inmates from various correctional facilities across the state. During a routine quarterly visit, she led the state Committee on Prerogative of Mercy to review the cases of these inmates, granting them their freedom.

Fourteen inmates were set free from the Bauchi correctional centre, while two, five, and ten were released from the Misau, Ningi, and Tafawa Balewa custodial facilities, respectively, during the committee’s visit.

At the Katagum correctional facility, Justice Umar expressed concern over the high number of young and energetic individuals, more than 100 of them, languishing in the facility due to civil and criminal offenses. She took the opportunity to caution the youth in the state against engaging in criminal activities and the pursuit of quick riches, which often lead to imprisonment. She also called upon parents and guardians to raise their children and wards properly, emphasizing the importance of education and skill acquisition to enable them to contribute positively to society.

During the visit to the Bauchi correctional facility, Justice Umar was disappointed to learn about the improper documentation of individuals brought to the facility by the police. She reprimanded the police for this negligence and urged their prosecutors to be more diligent in their duties. Justice Umar emphasized the importance of quick dispensation of justice and called on the state Ministry of Justice to promptly attend to case files sent for advice to prevent unnecessary delays in the legal process.

Justice Rabi Talatu Umar’s efforts to review cases and grant clemency to deserving inmates are commendable steps toward ensuring a fair and efficient justice system in Bauchi State.