Army Sets To Eradicate Terrorists, Bandits in Nigeria – COAS Affirms

Lt. Gen. Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff, has issued a reassuring message to Nigerians, affirming the unwavering commitment of the armed forces to eliminate threats posed by terrorists, bandits, and other adversaries. Emphasizing the military’s steadfast determination, Lt. Gen. Lagbaja underscored their singular focus on restoring peace and security across the nation.

Nigeria continues to grapple with a multitude of security challenges, including terrorism, banditry, and kidnapping, which have resulted in loss of lives, widespread abductions, and the displacement of countless citizens. Against this backdrop, Lt. Gen. Lagbaja’s message serves as a beacon of hope, conveying the resolve of the armed forces to confront and overcome these pressing threats.

In his Easter address delivered on Sunday, Lt. Gen. Lagbaja highlighted the progress achieved in the ongoing operations against terrorism and banditry, among other security concerns. The Army Chief’s acknowledgment of these successes reflects the concerted efforts and sacrifices made by service personnel in safeguarding the nation and its people.

As Nigeria navigates through these turbulent times, the reassurance provided by Lt. Gen. Lagbaja serves as a testament to the resilience and dedication of the armed forces in upholding the nation’s security and territorial integrity. It underscores the collective commitment to overcoming adversity and ushering in a future of peace and stability for all Nigerians.

He said, “The Nigerian Army remains committed, determined, and focused on ensuring the total defeat of insurgents, marauding bandits, and all other forms of external and internal aggressions disturbing the peace of the country.

“Accordingly, under my leadership, the Nigerian Army has continued to record tremendous successes in various operations at home and abroad. You all can attest to our achievements so far, especially in the ongoing Operation Hadin Kai in the North East and other internal security operations nationwide.

“While urging all officers and soldiers of the Nigerian Army to use the season to pray for our continued successes, I wish our Christian faithful and, indeed, all Nigerian Army personnel and their families a wonderful and Happy Easter Celebration.”

The COAS stated that he had provided the needed training and resources for his men to tackle the insecurity ravaging the country.

“In line with my command philosophy, ‘To transform the Nigerian Army into a well-trained, equipped and highly-motivated force towards achieving our constitutional responsibilities’, I have ensured the implementation of quality training and equipping toward combating the myriads of security threats confronting the nation,” he said.

He assured his men that he would prioritise their welfare and training.

“As we continue to push towards the final onslaught on the adversaries troubling our nation, I assure you that the welfare of officers and soldiers, including training and provision of the needed equipment, will always be prioritized to enable us to discharge our constitutional responsibilities effectively.

” I, however, charge personnel of the service to use the Easter celebration to offer prayers against all forms of negative forces militating against the peace and progress of Nigeria,” he added.