Appeal Court President, Monica Dongban-Mensem Tasks Personnel on Maintenance Culture

Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem, the president of the Court of Appeal, has tasked court staffs on  maintenance culture.

She said this at a 4-day course for court personnel held at the Royal Institute for Training and Human Capital Development in Tafa, Niger.

She stated that because of the court’s “dwindling resources” at the moment, employees must be attentive in carrying out their obligations.

She remarked that in order to complete tasks successfully, the demanding world needed maintenance staff who were comfortable with smart devices, as well as engineers, architects, and others.

The theme of the workshop is: ‘Building Maintenance and Environmentally Friendly Concepts.’

The workshop is in conjunction with the institute and Mamven Limited.

“I saw that one of our vital sections have not been given the required attention and staff need to be educated adequately especially in a challenging environment like ours.

“We are battling with dwindling resources and there is a need for maintenance. Our Engineering and maintenance officers are therefore very essential and the work vital to living.

”Without you, we will be endangered, but with you professionals, we are saved. So, we brought you here for that purpose so that these resource persons will help update your knowledge,” she said.

Dongban-Mensem said the workshop would enhance the capacity of the staff saddled with the responsibility of overseeing and maintaining the court’s buildings.

She added that its infrastructures across the country and maintenance is an absolute necessity.

She described the building environment personnel as a critical staff of the court whose efficiency and effectiveness could be of great benefits to the court.