Anyaoku Speaks on the State of the Nation, Says 1999 Constitution Cannot Resolve Nigeria’s Challenge

Former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Emeka Anyaoku, expressed skepticism regarding the ability of the 1999 Constitution to effectively address Nigeria’s economic woes and other pressing challenges.

Anyaoku made these remarks yesterday during a conversation with journalists at his residence in Obosi, Idemili North local government area of Anambra State.

Highlighting poverty, insecurity, and dilapidated infrastructure as major issues confronting the nation, the ex commonwealth scribe underscored the need for comprehensive reforms to tackle these challenges effectively.

His comments comes at a time when the National Assembly has initiated efforts to amend various sections of the 1999 Constitution in response to the demands of Nigerians for a new constitution. These proposed amendments aims to address longstanding grievances and aspirations of the populace for a more inclusive and responsive governance framework.

Anyaoku’s observations reflect a broader recognition of the limitations of the current constitutional framework in addressing Nigeria’s complex socio-economic and political realities. His remarks underscore the importance of meaningful constitutional reforms to address the root causes of the country’s challenges and pave the way for sustainable development and prosperity.

He added “I am on record for saying that these challenges cannot be effectively addressed under the constitution and governance system we have at the moment.”

“We cannot effectively address these challenges that have assumed nationwide dimension especially insecurity which has pervaded the Northern part of the country and other communities”.

According to him “The current constitution was a departure from the ones the nation’s founding fathers negotiated and agreed upon.
For constitution for a pluralistic state as Nigeria, we have to return to those principles of the constitution as earlier agreed by our founding fathers.
And until that is achieved, I am afraid that we cannot effectively deal with the challenges facing the country.”