Alleged Fraud: Rights Activists Criticize SDP’s Call For Protest In Kogi

In a remarkable show of solidarity, the people of Kogi State have united to denounce the recent protest staged by supporters of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) at the headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). This unified stance, led by prominent figures within the state, underscores a shared commitment to promoting transparency, accountability, and equitable governance.

At the forefront of this collective condemnation is Mr. Akoji James Ogbadu, a revered lawyer and public affairs analyst. Ogbadu expressed profound disappointment at what he described as an “unorganized display of shame” by SDP supporters. He urged fellow Kogites to transcend divisive tactics and prioritize a fair and impartial evaluation of Alhaji Yahaya Bello’s eight-year tenure as Governor of Kogi State.

Having transitioned from a vocal critic to an advocate for Governor Bello’s achievements, Ogbadu revealed conducting a thorough assessment of the state’s projects. He particularly lauded the documented achievements outlined in the Kogi State Projects Gazette, highlighting Bello’s unwavering commitment to developmental progress.

Journalist and political commentator, Mrs. Angela Okon, echoed Ogbadu’s sentiments, questioning the timing and motives behind the protest spearheaded by Simon Achuba, the former Deputy Governor of Kogi State. Okon characterized the demonstration as a strategically driven endeavor to besmirch the reputation of Alhaji Yahaya Bello. With a track record for impartial analysis, Okon urged Kogites to stand united against such politically motivated theatrics.

Central to this collective repudiation is the emphasis on the transparency and fairness exhibited by Governor Bello throughout his tenure. Both Ogbadu and Okon underscored the availability of Kogi State’s financial records online, accessible to the public, reflecting a commendable level of transparency in governance. Ogbadu commended the former Governor for receiving accolades for fiscal accountability and transparency, positioning Kogi State as a trailblazer in these realms.

Under the rallying cry of “Kogites for Fair Governance,” the citizens of Kogi State have sent a powerful message advocating for a fair and unbiased evaluation of Governor Bello’s tenure. The movement seeks to foster an environment where transparency, unity, and constructive engagement prevail over divisive tactics. As the collective call for a fair assessment echoes across the state, Kogites reaffirm their commitment to the principles that will drive progress and development in the region. The commendation of Governor Yahaya Bello’s transparency and developmental strides stands as a testament to the positive impact he has made on Kogi State.