Allegations of Exam Fraud Against me false – Ex-UniAbuja Student, Akoh

A former student of the University of Abuja, Dickson Ameh Akoh has dismissed the examination fraud allegations brought against him in the social media by suspected unscrupulous politicians.

He vowed to take appropriate legal actions against the sponsors of the malicious allegations once they are unmasked by the security agencies.

In a statement issued in Abuja to debunk the allegations, Akoh accused the media platforms being used against him of breaching the ethics of noble journalism profession with their failure to hear his own side before publication.

The statement read in part “It is said that silence is golden, however, silence sometimes can be interpreted as an admission of guilt. This forms the basis for my decision to respond to the malicious allegation of examination malpractice against me which has become a cliché.”

“This ill-intended allegation was first published by Abuja Enquirer in its publication dated 28th May- 3rd June, 2018 at pages 1 and 3.”

“Considering the social implications of the allegation against my personality and reputation, I quickly instituted a lawsuit against the publisher and the company before the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory.”

“Shocked by my decision to seek redress in Court and knowing full-well that the allegation cannot be substantiated before the Court, the management and the Editorial Board on a visit to my office tendered a written unreserved apology to me and also made a publication to retract the story.”

“With the intervention of some well-meaning Nigerians especially from the media, I was persuaded to withdraw the suit.Again, in 2018 when my name was muted as a potential running mate to Rt. Honourable Emmanuel Jime in the 2019 gubernatorial election in Benue state, an individual whom I later discovered to be a politician from Benue South Senatorial District sponsored the same story on social media through his social media hirelings.”

“I am therefore not surprised one bit that this propaganda is resurfacing at this critical time and intended by the same mischief makers to frustrate my appointment by the President and Commander-in-Chief, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and inauguration as a member of the Governing Board of Federal University of Technology, Babura, Jigawa State.”

“However, all that I am aware of is that during my second semester examination in my Masters Degree programme in 2017, I was booked for a review of the major surgery I underwent two months earlier before the examination and a visiting doctor was to attend to me.”

“In view of the health challenge, I informed the Head of Department, Examination officer and my class representative of my decision to skip on of my papers, Statistics and Computer Application (SOC 804) bearing in mind the rules regulating students with regards to being absent from examination, which is automatic carry over of the course to the next academic session.”

“Although, no individual was identified or arrested of being responsible for this act, it is pertinent for me to state here that I never gave my student’s Identity card, examination card and receipt of payment for the semester which are basic requirements for any student to access the examination hall in line with the extant rules of the University to warrant me being linked with examination malpractice.”

“It was a day after been attended to by the doctor and placed on medication that, I got a call from one of my course mates that “someone” wrote my name and matriculation number in the attendance register for the examination (that is all and nothing more) which the invigilator viewed as an attempted impersonation.”

“Stunned by this development, I paid a visit three days after my medicals to the school and strongly protested the justification for my name to have been linked with such a wild allegation.”

“When I appeared at the department since I was in possession of all requirements needed to grant anyone access into the examination hall after which I was cleared of the allegation and asked to re-register the course and sit for the examination the following session.”

“This I did and passed excellently with a distinction. The school thereafter released my testimonial to me.I wish to state without equivocation that I have never and will never be involved in anything remotely close to any act of examination malpractice.”

“When I protested this wild allegation before the various panels set up by the school, I was never confronted with anyone that wrote my name and matriculation number in the attendance register as claimed.”

“Till date, I was never found guilty of any wrongdoing whatsoever by the University nor issued and served with any expulsion letter.In the wake of the unfounded rumor, I indeed made concerted and spirited efforts for the management of the University to thoroughly investigate and come up with its findings.”

“The endless delay in acting in accordance with the laid down rules of the institution spanning over three years despite the interventions of several legal counsel such as Chief Kanu Agabi, SAN, Femi Falana, SAN and Max Ogar, Esq.”

“Being mindful of the social implications of such allegation to my own personality and as part of my last resort to compel the University to take decisive step to investigate the matter in line with the laws of the institution, i instituted a legal action before the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory against the University via Suit No: CV/035/2020 seeking judicial intervention into the matter.”

“Contrary to the insinuation that the Court delivered judgment against me in the aforementioned suit, the matter was struck out based on the position of the University in its sworn affidavit that the matter is an internal affair which was still under an administrative enquiry and that no indictment has been made whatsoever to warrant any cause of action before the Court.”

“While urging me to await the outcome of the report of the administrative enquiry, the Court held thus: “… It is therefore important for the Respondent as a law-abiding institution of higher learning to keep strict fidelity to the rule of law by now acting post-haste to activate these committees and ensure that this issue or matter is brought to an end one way or the other with the minimum of delay. I leave it at that.”

“Again, I waited for over a year for the University to abide by the aforementioned ruling of the court and do the needful. When it became obvious that no further step is being taken, I approached the Federal High Court, Abuja Division in Suit No: FHC/ABJ/CS/1344/2023 seeking an order of mandamus to compel the University to exercise the mandatory legal duty stipulated under Section 19(2) of the University of Abuja (Amendment) Act.”

“In all these sponsored propaganda against me despite the subjudice nature of the case, I take solace in the fact that Nigeria is under a constitutional democracy where the rule of law is upheld.”

“Journalism as a profession has ethics that regulates its practices. For the sake of equity and fairness, my own side of the story ought to have been sought before any reputable media platform sells such a damaging story to the public”, the statement said.