Adoption Of ‘old’ National Anthem Marks Start Of Nigeria’s Revolution – Akpabio

Senate President Godswill Akpabio has declared that the reintroduction of the old national anthem, “Nigeria We Hail Thee,” signifies the beginning of a long-awaited revolution for the country. Akpabio made these remarks on Wednesday during a joint sitting of the National Assembly, commemorating the one-year anniversary of President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

According to Akpabio, the reintroduction of the old national anthem fosters a sense of brotherhood among Nigerians, despite their diverse tribal and linguistic backgrounds. He emphasized that this development is a unifying move, reflecting the spirit of inclusiveness and national solidarity.

Akpabio praised President Tinubu’s performance over the past year, highlighting the symbolic importance of reviving the old national anthem within the first year of his presidency. He suggested that this act is indicative of the administration’s commitment to addressing the aspirations and unity of the Nigerian people.

“Of all the significant things you have done, there is one of the most profound things and that is to take us back to our genealogy.”

“The genealogy of our birth that though we belong to different tribes, though we may have different tongues, henceforth, we will not refer to ourselves as just compatriots, we will refer to ourself as brothers and as we move forward in battle or on the field of sports or other endeavours, we must hail Nigeria.”

In what he described as “waka pass”, Akpabio said Tinubu visited the National Assembly as a mark of the respect he has for the parliament.

“Before you came, myself and my brother, Rt. Hon. Tajudeen Abass explained the purpose of this visit.”

“In Nollywood, what you have just done is what they call “waka pass”. You intend to celebrate Democracy Day which is June 12, but out of honour and respect for the National Assembly, you said you must pass through the National Assembly on your first anniversary.”

“There is no better place to commence this revolution than going back to our genealogy.”

“In the National Assembly, we are not just representatives, but elected representatives of Nigerians. The voice of the National Assembly is the voice of Nigeria.”

Reacting, Tinubu thanked the lawmakers for their understanding and cooperation, describing lawmakers as rare leaders that Nigeria has been looking for.

“I came to say thank you very much. You are first and foremost leaders that speak for our people. You have been in the forefront of this struggle. This institution of hallowed chambers represents our consciousness for freedom and sense of belonging.”

“You rolled out the latest National Anthem, Nigeria we hail thee. This is our diversity.”