4th NBAWF Conference: Lagos Govt To Strengthen Collaboration with Women Lawyer’s Bodies in championing the Principles of Justice and Equality – CJ

The 4th Nigerian Bar Association Women Forum (NBAWF) Conference marks a significant milestone in the advocacy for justice and equality, particularly in Lagos State. With the Lagos State Government expressing its commitment to strengthening collaboration with women lawyer’s bodies, the conference serves as a platform to reinforce the importance of gender equality within the legal system.

The Lagos State Attorney General &
Commissioner for Justice, Lawal Pedro SAN, FCIArb at the 4th NBAWF Conference held yesterday at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos stressed the need for collaboration which will amplify the significance of the conference. As the head of the judiciary, the Chief Justice’s support sends a powerful message about the imperative of gender equality in the legal sphere. By aligning with women lawyer’s bodies, the judiciary demonstrates its dedication to upholding justice for all individuals, regardless of gender, and fostering an environment where women’s voices are heard and valued.

Through this collaboration, the Lagos State Government aims to address systemic barriers and challenges that hinder women’s access to justice. By working hand in hand with women lawyer’s bodies, the government can develop targeted strategies to promote gender-sensitive legal reforms and ensure fair representation within the legal system. This proactive approach not only enhances access to justice for women but also contributes to building a more equitable society.

The 4th NBAWF Conference serves as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and action towards achieving gender equality in the legal profession and beyond. By bringing together key stakeholders, including government officials, legal practitioners, and women’s rights advocates, the conference provides a platform for sharing best practices, fostering collaboration, and identifying innovative solutions to address gender disparities. Through collective efforts, participants can drive tangible change and advance the cause of justice and equality.

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In a world where the scales of justice often shake, where the voices of the marginalized struggle to be heard, and where the journey towards gender equality remains ongoing, it is both a privilege and a responsibility to join you today at the 4th Annual General Conference and International Women’s Day Event organized by the Nigerian Bar Association Women Forum.

As we gather here today, we are reminded of the critical importance of forums such as this, which provide a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and empowerment. The theme “Beyond the Balance Sheet: Redefining Success for Women in Law” encapsulates the essence of our collective aspirations towards fostering greater economic inclusion and empowerment for female lawyers and women in general. It challenges us to look beyond conventional metrics of success and to strive for holistic advancement and fulfillment.

Allow me to express my profound admiration for the Nigerian Bar Association Women Forum’s unwavering commitment to addressing the multifaceted challenges facing female lawyers in Nigeria. Your dedication to
empowering women through advocacy mentorship, workshops, and conferences
is commendable, and it is indeed heartening to witness the positive impact of your initiatives on the legal profession.

In the words of Joan Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an American lawyer and jurist who served as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, a trailblazer in the legal profession and a champion of gender equality, “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.” This sentiment resonates deeply with the ethos of inclusivity and equality that we strive to uphold in our society. It reminds us that true progress can only be achieved when the voices and perspectives of women are fully embraced and integrated into the fabric of our legal system and society at large.

I am particularly delighted by the emphasis placed on mentorship and networking opportunities for female.lawyers through this conference. As we all know, mentorship plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent, fostering professional growth, and breaking down barriers to advancement. By providing a platform for seasoned professionals to share their insights and experiences with the next generation of female leaders, we are laying the groundwork for a more equitable and inclusive legal profession.

At this juncture, I would like to reaffirm Mr Governor Babajide Olusola SanwoOlu’s commitment to supporting initiatives that promote gender equality, diversity, and inclusion both within the legal profession and in general. Let me assure you of LASG continued collaboration and partnership in advancing the cause of women in law and championing the principles of justice and equality for all.

In closing, let us remember the words of Maya Angelou, who famously said, “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

Together, let us stand up, let us speak out, and let us work tirelessly towards a future where every woman, regardless of her background or circumstances, has the opportunity to thrive and succeed in the legal profession and beyond.

I thank the members of the women forum of the NBA for what you have given us, and for the great services you provide to the national judiciary and the Bar.

On behalf of the LASG I wish you a successful Conference & International women’s Day event 2024.

Lawal Pedro SAN, FCIArb.
Hon. Attorney General &
Commissioner for Justice, Lagos State