2nd Annual NBA Women Forum Conference: Goodwill Message of Daniel Kip To The Members

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I am delighted to deliver a Goodwill message on this auspicious occasion of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Women Annual Conference, to mark the International Women’s Day (IWD) scheduled for 31st March – 1st April 2022 with the theme, “The Invisible Hand of Gender Bias: Championing Collective Change”.

I applaud the organisers of the conference for couching the theme in a manner that not only spell out and bemoan the gender biases against women, but emphasizes and champions women to rise above them, particularly in the legal profession.

It is without doubt that our cultural norms of leadership and power shaped in masculinity is paving way for a gender balanced society with all our efforts. It is my view that leadership and power is neither male nor female, but inherent in us all; especially when we can break out of the conditioning of gender norms.

Recognising that a gender balanced workforce and society is of immense benefit to us all, I am passionate about championing women to own their worth, embrace their differences, take more chances and lead the change they want to see.

I restate my membership of collective change makers standing against the invisible hand of gender bias and wish you all a successful outing.